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3DVisA Index of 3D Projects: Architecture

Virtual Pasts (3): Chapel of St Laurence, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, UK

Keywords: English Anglo-Saxon architecture, Bradford-on-Avon, 3D model, VRML.

Virtual Pasts is a name given to the M.Sc. in Archaeological Computing at the University of Southampton, UK. This is one of a number of 3D visualisations created by students.

The medieval church of St Laurence dates to the Anglo-Saxon period. Although not recorded in the Domesday Book, it is believed to have existed at the time of this survey in 1086. It is a remarkably well preserved small building consisting of nave, chancel and the south porch. Fine Romanesque carvings of angels were discovered in the 1850s. The church was the subject of an interactive visualisation produced by Southampton students.

[More information will be provided in due course.]

Project dates: 2003 (?)

Resource status: The model can be viewed on a website dedicated to this project.

Contributors: Anton Prowse and Graham Tait, M.Sc. in Archaeological Computing, University of Southampton, UK.

Sources and further details:

The project website: Detailed information about the history of St Laurence's, excavation, interpretations and computer-reconstructions. Created by Anton Prowse and Graham Tait, with text by David Hinton.

Anton Prowse's website.

James, S. (1999), The Church of St. Laurence Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, Britannia website.

Record compiled by Anna Bentkowska-Kafel. Last updated: 11 September 2006.

3DVisA gratefully acknowledges the help of ...... with preparation of this record.

University of Southampton and 3DVisA, 2006.

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