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3DVISA Network Aims and Objectives

The overriding aim of the 3DVisA Network is to enhance and extend 3D visualisation-related knowledge, understanding and opportunities within the UK academic community, with particular attention to the Arts and Humanities domains.

3DVISA is a community-led initiative that aims to:

  • Assist in raising the quality and status of 3D visualisation research and education within the JISC community and society;
  • Share best and innovative practice in the planning, creation, dissemination and use of 3D visualisations;
  • Coordinate debate of key issues;
  • Encourage and enable collaboration and sharing of human and other resources;
  • Enable cross-domain debate and resource sharing;
  • Share information and advice about funding opportunities and commercial exploitation of resources;
  • Work with external 3D visualisation-related entities to establish and extend support and dissemination activities.