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3DVisA Index of 3D Projects: Art History - Sculpture

Jordanhill Cross, Govan Old Parish Church, Glasgow, Scotland

In his Ph.D. thesis, concerned with Scottish early medieval stone sculpture, Stuart Jeffrey examines and evaluates digital methods that are available for three-dimensional recording and modelling, and considers how to best utilise technology for reconstruction and interactive exploration of this heritage.

3D reconstructions of early medieval Scottish sculpture include a model of the 10th or 11th-century Jordanhill Cross from Govan Old parish Church, Glasgow.

Project dates: Completed 2003

Resource status: A Ph.D. thesis deposited with the Arts and Humanities Archeology Service; includes demonstration of 3D models. Open online access.

Author: Stuart Jeffrey, Department of Archaeology, University of Glasgow, UK (2003).

Sources and further details:

Jeffrey, S. (2003), Three Dimensional Modelling of Scottish Early Medieval Sculpted Stones. A Ph.D. thesis, Department of Archaeology, University of Glasgow, UK.

Record compiled by ABK. Last updated: 11 September 2006.

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