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JISC 3D Visualisation in the Arts Network

3DVisA Bulletin, Issue 3, September 2007

ISSN 1751-8962 (Print)
ISSN 1751-8970 (Online)

Who's Who in this Issue

Hanna Buczynska-Garewicz is Professor Emerita of Philosophy at the Holy Cross College, Worcester, MA, USA; formerly at the University of New Mexico, University of Warsaw and the Polish Academy. She published extensively in the area of philosophy and semiotics. Several of her books are in second edition. Two recent ones are on the metaphysics of time (Universitas, 2003) and phenomenology of space (Universitas, 2006). Regrettably, few of her texts are available in English.

Graeme Earl Ph.D., is a Lecturer in the Archaeological Computing Research Group at the University of Southampton. His research interests broadly relate to computational applications to archaeological practice. Specifically his research explores the potential for 3D archaeological data capture, modelling, analysis and multimedia representation strategies. This work is currently focused on a survey and excavation at Portus, the ancient Port of Rome, and on the urban and rural Roman landscapes of southern Spain.

Andy Powell is Head of Development at the Eduserv Foundation where he is responsible for specifying and delivering the Foundation's programme of internal research and helping to oversee external grant making activities. His primary areas of interest include: metadata, repositories and resource discovery; access and identity management; service architectures and Web 2.0; e-learning, e-portfolios and the use of 3D virtual worlds, such as Second Life, in education. He was the principle technical architect of the JISC Information Environment. He has been active in the Dublin Core (DC) Metadata Initiative for a number of years. He is a member of the DC Advisory Board and was previously a member of the DC Usage Board and chair of the DC Architecture Working Group. He jointly authored the DCMI Abstract Model and several other Dublin Core technical specifications. More recently he jointly authored the DC Eprints Application Profile for the UK Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC). He was also a member of the Open Archives Initiative technical committee. He was previously an Assistant Director at the UK Office for Library Networking (UKOLN) based at the University of Bath, and before that he worked for the University of Bath Computing Services (BUCS).

Maria Sifniotis is a research student at the Centre for Very-Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) and Computer Graphics, University of Sussex, UK. Her research interests focus on archaeological 3D visualisation and alternative reconstructions. Her thesis is concerned with the ways of representing archaeological uncertainty using possibility theory and 3D information visualisation techniques. She loves playing computer games and shooting virtually anything that moves!.

Daniela Sirbu is Associate Professor at the University of Lethbridge, Department of New Media, Faculty of Fine Arts, where she teaches computer graphics. She is interested in the confluence between new media, architecture and fine arts. She is currently involved in the WestGrid Collaboration and Visualization Research Program for Western Canadian universities, which is mainly funded by Canada Foundation for Innovation. She is a principal investigator for two WestGrid projects: I-HEARD (Immersive Hybrid Environments for Architectural Research and Design) and MARVIS (Motion Analysis and Representation in Virtual Interactive Spaces). She previously worked as animator, 3D modeller and graphic designer with most of her work in the computer games industry, and taught human and animal anatomy for artists, character design, 3D modelling and animation, acting for animation, and storyboarding for animation at the Ottawa School of Art. As an Artech Digital Entertainments artist she worked on contracts with Hasbro Interactive, Lucas Arts, Infogrames, and Sony Interactive and has credits on commercial art including Monopoly 2000 and 2005, Star Wars Monopoly, Wheel of Fortune II, and My Little Pony computer games.

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